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Binance Review

What makes Binance’s trading platform light years ahead of other crypto currency exchanges that exist? Aside from the low fees, amazing UI, (user interface) and many crypto coins to choice from see what else the number one crypto trading platform has to offer in our Binance Review below! Sign up on Binance now and by the end of this post you’ll be buying and trading crypto currency like a pro!

Why Binance?

Ease of Use

One of the benefits of using Binance is being able to trade on the fly, wherever you are. Not only can you trade on the go but you can set stop losses, check prices and market capital for all major coins in seconds! Binance also makes it easy to start trading cryptocurrency by allowing you to buy Bitcoin with a Debt/Credit Card directly on the platform. This allows you bypass Crypto Currency marketplaces such as CoinMama, how ever if you have trouble purchasing on Binance you can still buy your crypto currency elsewhere (Coinmama) and make money trading it on Binance!

User Interface (UI)

Moving on to the UI (User Interface) at Binance is absolutely outstanding! Both the mobile app and the website are not only appealing to the eyes but operate extremely well on any device! One of the best things about Binance is that you can use Simple Or Advance view while trading. We won’t be diving to deep into all the features of the advance mode but if you’re a veteran trader you’ll be sure to love it!

As you can see from the picture below the mobile app allows you to creat Buy/Sell orders, set stop limits, view all open orders. You can also use the app for Trading on margin and future contract trading! (Read more about Future Contract trading here) The mobile app also allows you to view big movers, top market cap coins, and many other various filtering options when viewing coins to trade!


In conclusion Binance‘s ease of use combined with benefits mobility makes Binance the number one Crypto currency exchange Out there today. When it comes to coins available to trade, user friendliness, and helpful trading features no other market can compare, that’s why we here at NerdOfAdvice give it 5/5 in the Binance Review!

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