With CoVid-19 closing done conference, bars, and crashing the stock market, Facebooks recently announcement sheds some hope for small businesses around the country. Especially Bars & Restaurants are taking a big hit with a lot of states limiting hours, and dine in services. Facebooks small businesses grant should help small business owners around the world sleep a bit easier tonight.

At this time applications aren’t available yet. However we do know grants well be available to 30,000 businesses in over 30 countries! Facebook announced it we’ll be doing Cash Grants and Ad credits. Cash grants we’ll be used for small businesses operating cost. These cost can include Rent, paying workers, and other over head cost that they may endure durning these hard times.

Facebooks small businesses grant program isn’t the only thing they are doing to help businesses. Facebook created a business hub with tips and resources on how to manage through these times. Along with to looking to help host more virtual training COO Sheryl Sandberg would like to remind people about facebooks Blueprint e-learning training program. Not only that but also check out other helpful tips on her Facebook post!

Facebooks small businesses grant program partner
The Lenfest Institute for Journalists

Last but not least Lenfest institute for Journalism and the Local Media association have teamed up with Facebook! They we’ll be offering 1 million dollars in grants. US and Canadian news rooms can apply for $5,000 to spend on resources to help cover the currently situation.

Hopefully this announcement will help get the ball rolling on getting the world economy back in tact. Now might be a good time to start trading crypto currency (learn how to get started trading here) while they do cheap! Also might be a good time to redeem your free stock and purchase some additional stocks on Robin Hood!

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