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How does one find a reliable Web hosting company that fits their needs, with so many different factors that play into making a good web hosting company? After reading this GeekStorage Review you’ll see why Only one web hosting company goes above and beyond on every factor that I take into consideration when choosing a web hosting provider, and that is GeekStorage! I use to hop around different hosting provider But once I discovered GeekStorage web hosting I’ve never looked back!

Costumer service

GeekStorage’s costumer service is unmatched in my experience with various web sever providers. Although it’s hardly been needed in my over 5 years of hosting websites at GeekStorage, when it is needed my support tickets are always answered in a timely matter and well keep at it until you issue is sorted out! Out of the few tickets I’ve made the longest I’ve waited for help was less then 30 minutes and the instructions giving allowed me to fix my mistake in now time!

Downtime and Reliability

The down time at GeekStorage has been virtually none. I personally have never noticed my sites down and have never had any complaints but I also haven’t had 24/7 website monitoring installed on all my sites so it is possible I missed some downtime.


  • Unlimited Hosting – Ideal for personal and small business websites, developers and more.From $3.19/mo
  • VPS Hosting – Ideal for webmasters or resellers that need high performance, flexible hosting.From $7.50/mo.
  • Dedicated Servers – Ideal for webmasters and resellers that need dedicated resources and high-performance hosting. Now $99/mo.

GeekStorage Review rating


GeekStorage hosting provider earned a 5/5 on our hosting scale for going above and beyond in all aspect we look for in a hosting provider! They’ve been a reliable and friendly hosting company to me for over five years and have been helping among my webmaster journey every since.

That’s a nerds advice on a this hosting provider Review!

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