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What is WebHosting; Web hosting is a kind of service that helps people to publish their websites onto the internet. Domain and Hosting are two prominent cogs in the machine that is a website. Hosting providers render every technology and service required for a website to get viewed online. Web hosting operates with the help of the server, a type of special computer. The server stores all the elements of a website. If a site has an active domain and hosting, anyone can view that website just by typing the domain name and visiting it. Then the user’s computer will get connected with the server and he can view the content there. So, without web hosting, a website is merely a template designed with HTML and CSS on someone’s computer or on platforms like WordPress and Joomla.

What is WebHosting
What is a WebHosting?

Lots of variations of web hosting are available. Before opting for any option, it is necessary to know their intricacies precisely. Business needs and budget are the two crucial factors to keep in mind before choosing any options. Let’s look at the hosting options.

Website Builders :

Website builder hosting services are perfect for beginners who want to host a website but don’t have technical skills to design one. This hosting service renders a readymade website interface and hosting environment so that anyone can publish a site without any effort.

Shared Hosting :

Shared Hosting services are affordable because. Here two or more users share one server via virtualization, which enables multiple site owners to share the same physical server. This hosting service is for people with a limited budget. This service has some crucial disadvantages, such as security issues and slow operating speed. GeekStorage offers the best quality shared hosting for the lowest price, just check out our GeekStorage WebHosting review!

Dedicated Hosting :

In dedicated hosting, the whole server and its properties are allocated to one user. If the budget is not an issue and only performance matters, then Dedicated Hosting is the best choice. This hosting service is suitable for dynamic websites that demand huge system assets and high-end security measures. GeekStorage is also an excellent provider of dedicated severs. Why do we think that here!

Collocated Hosting :

In Collocated Hosting, you will require to buy your dell server individually. Then you have to place it at a web hosting facility. You have to be dedicatedly accountable for the server. This hosting system comes with a lot of advantages. Firstly, you will be able to control the webserver solely. Secondly, according to your requirement, you can install any custom scripts or plugins. Above all, you can enjoy the full-fledged performance of a dedicated web server.

Web Severs Operating System

Hosting Companies offer web severs based on two operating systems, namely Linux and Windows. These operating systems provide equivalent functionalities. Now, choosing one of them is depending on the user’s hosting needs and preferences. In the case of cost, stability, ease of use and versatility, both platforms are different from one another.

Windows Web Severs

Windows supports .NET, ASP scripts and all other Microsoft applications. For database options, it uses Microsoft SQL Server. On the other hand, Linux is more Python friendly than Windows. Linux supports PHP, Perl, Python and Unix-originated scripts. For the database, it prefers MySQL and PostgreSQL database technologies.

Linux WebSevers

Websites without any scripting support can go with Linux hosting as it is more economical than windows. On the other side, a site that requires both scripting and database support should choose a webserver platform that supports all the technologies needed for the website.

Basic WebHosting Tools
WebHosting basic tooks

A hosting plan exhibits some basic features. They are,

Disk Space and Bandwidth:

Every hosting facility offers a particular amount of storage for a website. In that space, the user can store his website’s emails, web files, databases, etc. More space costs more money, so the user must do estimations on needed space for various tasks. By breaking down one’s usage, one can better assume how much space he should choose. Bandwidth or the amount of data transfer is also a separately billable entity. Website owners must assess the bandwidth usage based on their monthly traffic to the site and select a plan with enough bandwidth to ensure that their sites do not go down with that overly familiar ‘’Bandwidth Limit Has Been Reached’’ message.

FTP access : 

Hosting services give FTP access to the user. With this access, the user can transfer all the necessary files of the website to the webserver and vice versa.

Email Accounts :

Most Hosting services feature three main kinds of email accounts, such as aliases, forwarding and POP3.

The forwarding mail account is a third-party service, where another company filters all the emails for the user. Here email doesn’t get saved into the server. Aliases mail service operates is the same way as forwarding mail accounts.

With the POP3 email account, users can download all mails by an email program. POP3 accounts save all emails on the server. It is the most popular email account rendered by hosting facilities.

A user can also host a website from a personal computer if his internet connection is too good, and he has WWW server software installed on his computer, but this is not a feasible way to follow and can only be used for educational purposes.

What is BlackHat WebHosting?

In this article, we have only delved into one aspect of Web Hosting, the legal or ”whitehat” one. There is also another polar opposite scenario in Web Hosting for illegal or ”blackhat” content. This type of hosting has the same features as the regular whitehat variant, as we discussed above but only differing in anonymity, ignoring Digital Millennium Copyright Act complaints and also allowing illegal activity such as piracy, cracking, hosting illegal websites and so on. This will be a topic for discussion later.



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