Today we got a lot of exciting news about what we can expect from Microsoft and the next generation of gaming! The Xbox Series X not only is going to dominate the current generation and possibly the PlayStation 5 in processing speeds; but also in graphical power, new features, and an outstanding backwards compatibility system!

Xbox Series X Power and Speed

The Series X is packing enough raw power that gamers well be emerged inside of beautiful and living dynamic worlds in game. The Series X console design is meant to bring you a perfect mix of speed and power to eliminate as many aspect as possible that could take away from the gaming experience.

Xbox Series X Information

Xbox Series X Custom Processor

With over four time the processing power of the Xbox One the Series X custom designed processor takes advantage of AMD’s latest RDNA 2 & Zen 2 architectures. This allows developers to use up to 12 Teraflops of GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) power. What does all this nerd talk mean for the gamer? We we’ll see more larger, highly detailed, immersive worlds! It also means we’ll get to play these intricate worlds with higher more consistent frame rates!

Xbox patented Variable Rate Shading (VRS)

Xbox patented Variable Rate Shading (VRS) system is going to bring more stable frame rates with higher resolutions by allowing developers to prioritize effects on specific characters or environmental objects.

hardware-accelerated DirectX Raytracing

One feature I’m most excited for on the Xbox Series X is that we be getting way more life like lighting, life like acoustics, and realistic reflections; all in real time! Microsoft is able to achieve lively, zestful environments using hardware-accelerated DirectX Raytracing!

More Play Less Waiting

The next generation of console gaming is heavily focused on “More Play, Less Wait.” And judging by everything we are seeing from this next generation they aren’t wrong! Xbox Series X is cutting down load times, optimizing latency, and allowing games to pause and resume multiple games!

Series X SSD Storage

By using a solid state drive in the Xbox Series X Microsoft is allowing for powerful bigger worlds , that load in a flash!

Xbox Series X Quick Resume
Xbox Series X quick resume demo

This feature will essentially allow you to suspended a minimum of three games and resume them from where you left off at doing what you were doing with out going through any long loading screens you may get when you initially boot up a game. The less memory a game uses the more games that can be switched through in the demo above you see them switch through Froze Motorsports 7 in 4K 60 FPS, State of Decay 2, Hellblade, and The Cave!

Dynamic Latency Input (DLI)

With DLI Microsoft hopes to streamline the player to console connection. Connecting to an Xbox Series X well allow users to utilize Microsoft’s high bandwidth, proprietary wireless communication protocol! DLI we instantly sync input and display giving gamers more receptive and reactive controls.

HDMI 2.1 Innovation

Microsoft partnered with TV manufacturers so they could take advance of the new Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and Variable refresh rate ( VRR)

120 fps Support

In hopes of higher paced action & hyper realism Microsoft has capped the Xbox Series X at 120 FPS

Xbox Series X Backwards compatibility

With this generation Microsoft brought back backwards compatibility all the way from the original Xbox! Developers won’t have to do anything for their games to be playable on the Series X, with less loading, better graphics, and more constant frame rates!

Microsoft is also introducing a smart delivery feature that makes sure you’re playing the best quality of your game! If you buy Halo Infinite on the Xbox one when you play it on the Xbox series X it we’ll be the newest best version with no fees! This well prevent companies like Rockstar from selling us the same game twice when the new systems comes out!

Halo infinite will launch on Xbox series x
Halo Infinite will be on Xbox game pass at launch on the Xbox Series X and the Xbox One!

If that isn’t enough to satisfy you gaming needs, the Xbox Game Pass is coming to the series X and well include first party titles when they launch! So purchase the game pass using your chime card now!

New Xbox Wireless controller

New hybrid d-pad on Xbox controllers
New Xbox hybrid d-pad

First looks at the new Xbox Wireless controller have us impressed! The new controller well feature the hybrid D-Pad we are starting to get used to with top of the line controllers. It also features a new share button to easily capture and share gaming clips and photos!

Xbox share button controller
New share button on Xbox wireless controllers

Not only does the new wireless controller for the Xbox use USB-C ports, the new textured triggers are sure to help you grip on to the victory royal!

Xbox controller textured triggers
New textured triggers!

Nerd of advice?

We certainly we be getting the series X to many useful features and to much power for anyone to ignore this console! Microsoft is taking console gaming to new heights that we couldn’t of imagined 10 years ago. Certainly this new console was designed with players in mind! We’re excited to see what the PlayStation 5 is going to respond with!

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